UConn Huskies Annual Report

Our passion and commitment define UConn’s excellence. Our student-athletes, dedicated coaches, and die-hard fans have helped distinguish UConn as being among the best in the nation. We share a set of values that reflects our incredible success, builds on our tradition, represents our state and sustains our future. These values include principles of good sportsmanship, honesty, and fiscal responsibility in compliance with university, state, NCAA, and conference regulations.

A Letter from the Director of Athletics

We are pleased to present our inaugural 2022-23 UConn Athletics Annual Report. This online publication provides a review of our very successful past year and includes points of pride, budgetary data and general information about the operations of the department. Our achievements would not be possible without the ongoing support of many, including UConn’s students, faculty and staff, the state, and our loyal fans, including our many donors and season ticket holders.

Those who share in the accomplishments of our student-athletes, coaching staff and our championship-winning tradition understand that competing and succeeding in any endeavor requires resources and an unwavering work ethic. The university provides considerable support for Athletics; that robust support has helped to fuel our impressive academic and athletic achievements historically and during the past year as highlighted by 67% of our student-athletes earning a 3.0-or-better GPA, a 94% Graduation Success Rate, a fifth men’s basketball national championship, seven conference championships and seven teams ranked in the Top 20 during their respective seasons. At the same time, the department is engaged in an ongoing effort to both increase revenue and implement efficiencies in order to reduce the level of university support needed to operate, allowing Athletics to achieve greater long-term fiscal sustainability. To that end, we are pleased to report that Athletics was able to reduce the level of university support from last year by over $16 million.

There are just over 130 Division 1 FBS schools across the country. Only 15-20 of them generate an annual surplus, meaning that the vast majority of athletics programs are subsidized in some form by their institutions. USA Today regularly issues a report detailing revenues and expenses for athletic departments across the country. That report illustrates that university support for athletics is the norm, not the exception.

At UConn, in FY23, we were able to self-generate $55 million of the $93 million needed to operate the department. UConn’s investments in Athletics reflect the unique strength that an athletic program can have in building global awareness for our institution, generating alumni and donor support, interest among prospective students, and raising the overall profile of the university nationally and globally.

Many of the peer institutions UConn competes with on the national stage, such as those in the Power 5, enjoy significant revenues from conference-related television contracts. Television-generated revenue represents a large annual financial inflow and generally allows university support to be more modest at those institutions. At this point UConn receives approximately $4 million from our media partners vs. the Power 5 media contracts that range from $30 - $65 million. As such, the combination of self-generated revenues and university investment has been critical in allowing us to continue to compete for national championships in multiple programs, including men’s and women’s basketball, while also supporting our 19 other teams which contend for conference titles and compete on a regional or national championship stage.

Moving forward, as the university directs Athletics to become more fiscally independent, we will be ever-more reliant on our fans and supporters, especially our exceptionally generous donors and our season ticket holders. Investing in UConn Athletics, whether through a philanthropic gift or the purchase of tickets – or both – is an investment in the excellence which has become synonymous with UConn Athletics, providing vital support for our extraordinary student-athletes and coaches. Our countless supporters are critical to our success athletically and academically. We cannot do it without you!

Together, we can sustain greatness. But it must be a team effort, with each of us pitching in and doing our part to keep UConn on top. To all our fans and supporters: thank you for your support of UConn Athletics and our student-athletes. Go Huskies!

David Benedict
Director of Athletics

2022-23 At a Glance

$93.1M Budget


21 NCAA Division I Teams


466 Student-Athletes on Scholarship


576 Total Student-Athletes


8 BIG EAST Championships


1 National Championship

Information updated January 5, 2024


Overall Costs

Running a championship-caliber athletic department requires an investment of resources.

Across the country, budgets among Power 5 institutions have increased exponentially. The Division of Athletics has been successful in cutting costs and also expects to shrink the level of University support with the enhancement of various revenue streams, including fundraising and ticket sales.

Approximately $16 million of overall costs are dollars transferred within the university and to other state agencies such as tuition and housing payments for student-athletes and rental fees at Pratt & Whitney Stadium and XL Center.

Additional revenues and expenses will be added to this figure associated with UConn Foundation expenses directly related to athletics operating costs. These expenses will be offset by contributions and are reported in January. (As of 8.30.2023) These figures have been updated to include UConn Foundation and other indirect support to cover athletic operating costs. (as of 1.5.2024)

Overall Budget (in millions of $)

Year Overall
FY22 99.0*
FY23 93.1*

Operating Costs

UConn’s operating budget includes all the expenses incurred over a fiscal year apart from scholarship and payroll costs and amounted to $41.1 million in FY23.

Operating Budget (in millions of $)

Year Operating
FY22 35.9
FY23 41.1

Scholarship Costs

The Division of Athletics supports over 576 student-athletes, including 466 receiving some amount of financial aid, which is assumed by the athletics department. This expense is remitted to the University each year and represents a large portion of the athletics budget.

Scholarship Costs (in millions of $)

Year Scholarship
FY22 12.9
FY23 12.6

How Athletics Uses Student Fees

The Division of Athletics is one of several departments on campus that receives a portion of its funding through student fees.

Other departments on campus that receive partial funding through student fees include Recreational Services, One Card Office, Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts, Student Activities and Student Union, and the Off-Campus Student Services Office. In FY23, $5.6 million in student fees were allocated to athletics for services and value provided to the student body:

  • Tickets to all UConn athletic events are free.
  • Athletics facilities are made available rent-free for a variety of student run organizations and events.
  • Hundreds of students are provided employment opportunities throughout the department.
  • The Division of Athletics pays the student fees for its student-athletes on scholarship.
  • Operating costs related to student-section management, including security, as well as the overall maintenance and upkeep of shared facilities from rentals.
Andre Jackson faces a rowdy student section in Gampel Pavilion

Payroll Costs

UConn’s payroll in FY23 was $37 million.

Retaining talented coaches and staff is an important investment in the success of the athletics program and the experience for our student-athletes.

Payroll Costs (in millions of $)

Year Total Staff
FY16* 32.9
FY17 37.1
FY18 32.9
FY19* 32.1
FY20* 33.0
FY21 32.1
FY22* 35.4
FY23* 37.0

*Increases reflected in FY 16, FY 19, FY 20, and FY 23 are a result of salary increases mandated by collective bargaining agreements.
FY22 also reflects retroactive salary increases as a result of state-negotiated collective bargaining agreements.
FY23 includes one additional paycheck (27 total) due to the timing of pay periods.
Includes postseason bonuses for coaches of successful programs.
Financial information provided in this report are projected numbers for FY23, pending a University auditing process. Subject to change. (8.30.2023) The financial information in this report has been finalized though the university auditing process. (As of 1.5.2024)

Arrangement with Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA)

UConn men's and women's basketball has competed in the XL Center since 1975 and Pratt & Whitney Stadium since 2003. More recently, UConn men's ice hockey has also competed in the XL Center since it joined Hockey East in 2014. Arrangements to play in these facilities are currently managed by the CRDA, and cost UConn a significant dollar amount per game and diminish many revenue-generating opportunities that our competitors enjoy. It is estimated that these additional opportunities would generate a minimum of $3.5 million in revenue if UConn basketball, hockey, and football competed under a more typical structure.

UConn spends approximately $4 million annually competing at the XL Center and Pratt & Whitney Stadium.

Between the total rent costs and unrealized revenues, UConn's total opportunity cost of playing off-campus is $7.5 million annually.


Donations are a driving force that allow UConn student-athletes to realize their dreams both in competition and in the classroom. Thousands of donors have supported our programs throughout the years, thereby directly contributing to the success of the Huskies.

UConn has garnered $98.2 million in gifts over the last four fiscal years (FY2020-2023).

handshake icon 7,257 donors in FY23 representing a 59% increase from FY16.

Jersey icon Total commitments have doubled from FY19 to FY23.

Donations (in millions of $)

Year Annual Major Gifts Total Commitments
FY16 5.2 2.7 7.9
FY17 5.6 6.9 12.5
FY18 5.1 5.2 10.3
FY19 5.3 8.1 13.4
FY20 7.5 18.4 25.9
FY21 12.1 8.8 20.9
FY22 7.9 15.6 23.5
FY23 11.1 16.8 27.9

Dollar value is rounded to the decimal point.

Accomplishments and Performance

Economic Impact

The University of Connecticut Office of Budget, Planning, and Institutional Research conducted a study to contextualize the value UConn athletics provides to the state economy. Data from FY23 was used for this study.

UConn athletics generates more than $225 million in statewide economic output.

  • 1,732 jobs are supported by $103.5 million in labor income.
  • The Division of Athletics contributes $35.4 million in state and local taxes and $140.1 million to Connecticut's GDP.

Athletic Accomplishments

At UConn, a championship pedigree is in our DNA. Our 21 Division I athletic teams have won 24 national championships and countless conference titles.

UConn is also the only Division I institution to win both the NCAA Division I men’s and women’s basketball championships in the same season, a feat the Huskies have accomplished twice.

During the 2022-23 season, UConn athletics teams won eight BIG EAST Championships, and four teams competed in NCAA Tournament action. The men’s basketball team won its fifth National Championship, and the football team made its first bowl game appearance since 2015.

This year in athletics...

In Good Company

UConn was just one of eight NCAA Division I athletic programs to make the men's & women's basketball tournaments, a bowl game and the NCAA baseball tournament.

Alabama, Duke, UConn, Iowa, Maryland, NC State, Tennessee, Texas school logos
UConn Men's Basketball team with the 2023 national championship trophy

1 National Championship

Men's Basketball won its 5th NCAA title in program history.

8 BIG EAST Championships

Women's Basketball Regular Season & Tournament / Women's Track & Field Indoor & Outdoor / Men's Track & Field Indoor & Outdoor / Softball Regular Season / Baseball Regular Season

Men's and women's track & field teams pose with their BIG EAST Championship trophies
Lou Lopez Senechal poses for a photo with commissioner Cathy Engelbert after being selected by the Dallas Wings at the WNBA draft

3 First Round Draft Picks

UConn was the only school in the nation with a first round draft pick in the WNBA, NBA and NHL. A total of 10 student-athletes were drafted or signed professional contracts.

First Bowl Game Appearance Since 2015

After finishing the regular season 6-6, football made a trip to the Myrtle Beach Bowl.

Huskies in the National Rankings
During the 2022-23 Season

Team Highest Rank
Men's Basketball #1
Women's Basketball #3
Men's Ice Hockey #6*
Field Hockey #9
Baseball #9
Women's Ice Hockey #12
Lacrosse #19

*Highest ranking in program history

NCAA Division I
Women’s Basketball Teams with Multiple National Championships

Since 1995

Team National Championships
UConn 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆
Tennessee 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆
Baylor 🏆 🏆 🏆
Notre Dame 🏆 🏆
South Carolina 🏆 🏆
The UConn women’s basketball team celebrates winning the Big East Tournament championship at Mohegan Sun Arena and earning the automatic bid to the 2021 NCAA Tournament.

The UConn women’s basketball team has won a record 11 national championships, including back-to-back titles in 2009-10, a three-peat from 2002-04, and four in a row from 2013-16.

The UConn men’s basketball team won the first of its five national championships in 1999. Since then, no other men’s basketball team has won more Division I titles.

NCAA Division I
Men’s Basketball Teams with Multiple National Championships

Since 1999

Team National Championships
UConn 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆
North Carolina 🏆 🏆 🏆
Duke 🏆 🏆 🏆
Florida 🏆 🏆
Kansas 🏆 🏆
Villanova 🏆 🏆

Football Bowl Games

2004 Motor City Bowl Champions

2009 International Bowl Champions

2010 PapaJohns.com Bowl Champions

2007 Meineke Car Care Bowl

2011 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

2015 St. Petersburg Bowl

2022 Myrtle Beach Bowl

Academic Performance

In the spring of 2023, 67.4% of UConn student-athletes earned a 3.0 or higher GPA, while 52 Huskies carried a perfect 4.0.

During the fall of 2022, each school or college at UConn included at least one student-athlete, and 50 student-athletes were enrolled in graduate programs.

education icon

UConn student-athletes are ambassadors for the student body, working just as hard in the classroom as they do in competition. Across all 21 Division I programs, UConn athletes consistently perform at an elite level athletically and academically.

Two male student athletes pose with their diplomas at Commencement

Single-Year Academic Progress Rate

In the most recent Academic Progress Rate (APR) data, which measures student-athlete eligibility and retention among NCAA Division I institutions, 10 UConn teams achieved a perfect single-year APR score.

Year APR
2021-22 985
2020-21 992
2019-20 982
2018-19 985
2017-18 987
2016-17 992
2015-16 989
2014-15 992
2013-14 982
2012-13 988

The APR is a semester-by-semester calculation of the eligibility and retention of all student-athletes. A score of 1,000 means every student-athlete on that team stayed eligible and returned to school. Schools begin losing points for students who are not eligible and/or are not retained, and the NCAA begins penalizing a school when the score falls under 930.

2020 APR data was not made public by the NCAA due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Graduation Success Rate

UConn also enjoyed a program high in the Graduation Success Rate (GSR) of 94 percent. The GSR represents the percentage of student-athletes who earn their degree within six years of entering college.

Cohort GSR
2016 94
2015 93
2014 92
2013 88
2012 81
2011 79
2010 80
2009 72
2008 71
2006 65
2005 68


UConn Athletics is committed to diversity. We believe that diversity fosters a better environment to learn, and a better place to compete for championships. The diversity of our community and athletic teams is a strength to the University as a whole.

Student-Athletes (2022-23 Academic Year)

  • 54% identified as White
  • 17% identified as Black
  • 2% identified as Asian
  • 6% identified as Hispanic
  • 21% identified with multiple races or were international students

Mental Health Services

Mental Health is a vital component of athlete health.

UConn’s Student Health and Wellness (SHAW) is guided by the understanding that mental health exists on a continuum, with resilience and thriving on one end of the spectrum and mental health disorders that disrupt a college athlete’s functioning and performance at the other.

UConn’s athlete mental health team offers access to a personalized approach that promotes wellbeing and meets the student-athlete’s mental health needs by offering rapid access to solution-focused, student centered treatment using interventions with proven outcomes to meet the diverse needs of our students throughout their college experience.

Three full-time employees are dedicated to the mental health and wellbeing of UConn student-athletes, while two additional SHAW employees provide support in the areas of case management and medication services.

Direct Services

  • Pre-Participation Contact w/new student-athletes
  • Rapid Access Screening
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Group Psychotherapy
  • Medication Management
  • Clinical Case Management
  • Crisis Support
  • Let’s Talk: Mental Health Office Hours
  • CBT for Athletes group

Indirect Services

  • Sports Medicine Consultation
  • Coaching Staff Consultation
  • Whole Team and Athlete Small Group Meetings
  • EDIT: Eating Disorder Interdisciplinary Team
  • TACT: Testing, Accommodation, and Consultation Team

Mental Health Services Use and Participation

While mental health education and outreach are aimed at the entire student-athlete population, only some students will find themselves in need of clinical mental health services during their time at UConn. In 2022-23, 26% of student-athletes presented for clinical mental health services. Anxiety and depression continue to be the most common presenting concerns.

  • 1,520 clinical, direct service appointments were conducted by licensed mental health professionals.
  • Student-athletes from all 21 teams have utilized mental health services provided by UConn.

Sports Medicine

Our medical experts help our student-athletes maximize their performance, prevent injuries, and get back to competition after injury.

Independent medical care refers to an environment in which primary athletics health care providers, defined as the team physician and athletic trainer, make medical decisions for student-athletes free of pressure or influence from non-medical factors. This approach empowers team physicians and athletic trainers to have final decision-making authority regarding the diagnosis, management and return-to-play determinations for student-athlete care without influence exerted by non-medical professionals, such as a coach or director of athletics.

education icon

Sports Medicine Staff

  • 15 Athletic Trainers
  • 1 Physical Therapist
  • 1 Dietician
  • 2 Sports Nutrition Assistants
  • 3 Primary Care Team Physicians
  • 3 Orthopedic Team Physicians
  • 1 Team Dentist
  • 1 Team Optometrist
  • 1 Team Neurologist

Media Rights

UConn student-athletes are regularly showcased to millions of households on a variety of national and regional networks, including FOX, FS1, FS2, CBS Sports Network, SNY, ESPN and ESPN+.

All Eyes on Us

The 2023 National Championship game had 14.69 million viewers – the most of any basketball game this year.

Nielsen Sport’s TV Brand Value

The BIG EAST was the #1 conference and UConn was the #1 team in TV Brand Value among the NCAA during the 2022-23 basketball season.

Source: Nielsen

Television Market Data

a map of UConn Connecticut, New York, Boston, and ESPN, all connected through a road
Television Market Households
New York 7.4M
Boston 2.4M
Hartford-New Haven 1M

Household Market Data

infogrpah showing Hartford is a larger market than Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Memphis, Las Vegas, and Jacksonville

The Biggest Game in Town.
The Hartford-New Haven television market is the largest in the country that is not home to an MLB, NBA, NFL, or NHL franchise.

Name, Image, and Likeness

Student-athletes enrolled at the University may use their name, image, and likeness (NIL) to earn compensation through an endorsement contract or employment in an activity that is unrelated to any intercollegiate athletic program.

At the end of FY2023, 124 different UConn student-athletes have used the Opendorse platform to disclose a total of 372 NIL deals.

How UConn Student-Athletes Stack Up Nationally:

NIL Category NCAA Rank
Total NIL Compensation #4
Total NIL Activities #23
Avg. NIL Compensation Per Activity #1
Avg. NIL Compensation Per Athlete #3
Total Athletes Receiving 1+ NIL Deals #39

Based on data provided by Opendorse

Transformation in Storrs

Thanks largely to the generosity of several philanthropic UConn supporters, the Division of Athletics has upgraded many of its athletics facilities in recent years. Many teams from yesteryear made countless memories in their home venues, but part of a first-class student athlete experience includes the availability of state-of-the-art facilities. Many of the individual team support services, including athletic training, sports performance, and sports nutrition are housed in these facilities in order to effectively support UConn student-athletes.

JO Christian Field

JO Christian Field


  • Seating Capacity: 2,000
  • Space: Located in between Morrone and Hilltop, JO Christian featured small dugouts, 4 sets of bleachers, a wooden concession stand behind the visitor’s dugout and indoor batting cage and clubhouse barn.

Elliot Ballpark


  • Seating Capacity: 4,512
  • Facility Enhancements: The Matt Barnes bullpen features three turf mounds for the Huskies and is named after 2011 UConn All-American and 10-year MLB pitcher Matt Barnes. The press box features radio and TV booths, along with space for PA/Scoring and the press. Elliot Ballpark also features a video/scoreboard in right field lights that will allow playing of night games for first time in program history.
  • The Huskies also have their new player’s locker room, lounge and coaches’ offices in the new Rizza Family Performance Center, adjacent to Elliot Ballpark down the left field line. Five batting and pitching tunnels, an athletic training room and strength and conditioning area are featured in the Performance Center. There is also a room that the team can utilize for meals and film.

Joseph J. Morrone Stadium

Joseph J Morrone Stadium: 1969-2019


  • Seating Capacity: 5,100


  • Seating Capacity: 4,712
  • Facility Enhancements: Home to the men’s soccer, women’s soccer, and women’s lacrosse programs, the facility includes a new start-of-the-art turf playing surface. Huskies also have their new player’s locker room, lounge and coaches’ offices in the new Rizza Family Performance Center, connected to Morrone Stadium. The newly built press box features radio and TV booths, along with space for public address announcer, scoring and press.

Rizza Performance Center


  • Facility Enhancements: The Huskies have their player locker room, player’s lounge, and coach’s offices in the performance center. An athletic training room and strength and conditioning area are also featured in the Performance Center. There is also a room that the team can utilize for meals and film.

Burrill Family Field

Burrill Family Field


  • Seating Capacity: 500
  • Space: The original field had limited bleacher seating, but grass areas for fans. The field was sparse in terms of amenities, with no concession area, simple dugouts, and a small shed for press and scoreboard operations. It was a grass field with a dirt infield.

Burrill Family Field at Connecticut Softball Complex


  • Seating Capacity: 680
  • Facility Enhancements: The facility features a fully electronic video/scoreboard in right-center field that is operated from a brand-new press box. The press box contains radio, TV booths and space for public address announcer, scoring and press. Burrill Family Field features three outdoor cages, three mounds in both home and visiting bullpen and lights that allows playing of night games for first time in program history.

Freitas Ice Forum

Freitas Ice Forum


  • Seating Capacity: 1,670
  • Space: Home to the men’s and women’s hockey programs, Freitas featured team locker rooms, coaches’ offices, training room and a lobby that served as a team stretching area, exercise space, press conference room, dining hall or any other purpose the Huskies might have needed throughout the years.

Toscano Family Ice Forum


  • Seating Capacity: 2,600
  • Facility Enhancements: The facility includes full Division I training and support for the women’s and men’s ice hockey teams; team lounges, dry locker area and locker rooms with video displays; locker rooms for visiting teams; training space with a hydrotherapy area; strength and conditioning room; and other areas such as coaches’ offices, a press box, and a large center-hung display scoreboard with perimeter ribbon boards designed to create an outstanding experience for fans. The facility also includes two premium spaces, the ice level lounge and club level, for fans to enjoy the ultimate hockey viewing experience.

Social Media

In 2022, the UConn Huskies social media channels generated a total of 2.2 million
the 14th highest across all Division I athletic departments.

The total number of social media interactions increased by 78%, the 9th largest increase nationally.

Dominating the Northeast

School or Team Total Followers
UConn 1.7M
Syracuse 1.3M
Boston College 0.5M
Hartford Yard Goats 162K
Connecticut Sun 159K
Worcester Red Sox 125K

TikTok 6.5M TikTok Likes

The UConn Huskies TikTok account has 10th largest main account following and has the most post likes in all of college athletics.

The 2023 Annual Report is based on FY23 data.

University of Connecticut
Division of Athletics
2095 Hillside Road Unit 1173
Storrs, CT 06269


For media inquiries:

Bill Peterson
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